You can keep fuckin that dog if you want to, just don’t expect me to take care of the puppies.

Said to a person who won’t let a toxic person go. African American Proverb (via blkproverbs)

I’ve never heard this in life.

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This don’t sound nothing like a blk person would say. We don’t fuck dogs

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Never in my Black ass life have I heard this. 

Sounds like somebody submitted something anonymously and blkproverbs wasn’t paying too close attention. 

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same here. this sounds like some duck dynasty country yeehaw white proverb…

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What kinda backwoods honky tonk yee haw nonsense is this

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I swear j thought that to no one says th

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No one says this shit. LMFAOOOOOO this some backwater white shit.

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This is definitely not an African American proverb! Try again!

I read this shit like “who the fuck says this??”

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Ain’t nobody black every in their life said this. This is some white person in you inbox. Some West Virginia backwoods Alabama honky talk is what that is.

What do you want Iris to find out first…


That Barry is the Flash?

Or that Barry is in love with her?

I pick option two, option one should happen at the end of the season, option two should happen mid season. In any case they can’t drag things out too long, that’s the perfect way to make everyone irrationally hate Iris.

I believe Iris already knows Barry loves her. And personally I would like it if Iris put her detective scenes to work (since she wanted to go into police work) and figure it out on her own. I would like to see her put the things together. ^_^